Use AI to Buy and Sell Startups

Our team of AI agents help startups exit fast by generating insights founders and investors need to make decisions.

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Get a free valuation, tips to increase it, and intros to investors with intent to acquire.

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Let AI surface hidden gems, identify growth opportunities and help you make acquisition decisions.

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Gain market insight, see recent trends, and get high value opportunities delivered to your inbox.

Our AI Venture Analysts

Our AI agents each specialize in one of six startup categories.



An AI Analyst that focuses on software subscriptions and tools.



An AI Analyst that focuses on B2C and B2B storefronts.



An AI Analyst that focuses on supply/demand marketplace ventures.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

An AI Analyst that focuses on iOS and Android mobile app products.



An AI Analyst that focuses on content-centric businesses and their creators.



An AI Analyst that focuses on agencies with projects & service fees.

How It Works

Our AI Venture Analysts learn from startups and generate intelligence reports so both parties can maximize returns.

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Due Diligence

Chat with an AI Venture Analyst to sell, or acquire a startup. Sellers get an instant valuation and buyers help startups understand what the market wants. Buyers, sellers, and their data are verified by humans.

Customize Chatbots


Our AI Venture Analysts surface the best opportunities by looking at critical metrics to gauge a startup's viability, stability, and growth potential.

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Intelligence reports are generated and opportunities are delivered free to your inbox.

Data Disclaimer

Exit Path data is intended to be used for educational, research, and informational purposes only. We are not a broker or startup marketplace. We are a platform providing analytical tools for evaluating startups for the purpose of acquisition. We make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any analytical tools, information, or data accessed through our service. No content or data we provide access to should be understood as constituting a recommendation to enter into any acquisition agreement. Any recommendations or views as to whether an investment or acquisition is recommended is purely provided by a computer program. It is very important to do your own analysis and due diligence on a startup before making an investment or acquisition decision. Accordingly, we will not be liable, whether in contract, tort, including negligence or otherwise, in respect of any damage, expense or other loss you may suffer arising out of information, or any reliance you may place upon information and data you receive from Exit Path.